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Forex Spectre is a Premium Software of FX-Builder company. Proven statistics with real money
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Forex Spectre has made a furor in the Forex trading! More than 3 000% is already earned!

Here is our real money statistics that is fully verified by Myfxbook:

This is a real account that is verified by MyFXBook, a third party trusted service. It is not a backtest, not a demo!

Proving the reliability of the system

Of course such profit was reached by trading on aggressive settings BUT you can decrease the risk even in 100 times still receiving great profit with low risks. Thanks to automatic system of lot calculation it is very easy to manage the risks – you don’t have anything to calculate!

To make sure that our advisor will further work and continue to earn profit we decided to make vast test on all present quotes history.

This is a backtest for the last 14 years!


Robot Forex Spectre is a very reliable EA that trades since 1999 year. Live trading

Test with compound interest

Unbelievable profit with Forex Spectre FX robot. New Forex EA

The results turned out really impressive! Our system worked stable and earned profit during all 14 years irrespective of the situation on market or in the world.

Let us summarize.
Why our expert advisor is the best from all?

It's really easy to start trading with us

Using the installer set the advisor in 1-2 minutes. Forex Spectre has absolutely automatic system of settings selection for your trading account, that's why you don't have to sort out it or manually calculate the lot size. At the same time if you want to select settings you can do it. The trading account should be no less $200.

FX Spectre - Incredible trading results on Forex market, Mega profits for short time, reliable and secure trading style
The best Forex EA for good price - Forex Spectre. Buy forex robot Spectre. Forex Spectre uses avangate, moneybookers, skrill payment systems

   You will get:

- Free lifetime updates and support 24/7

- Lifetime version Forex Spectre for real account

- Detailed User Manual

Refund Policy

Buy the best expert advisor. Buy profitable forex ea. Money back guarantee

Our refund policy is “30 days money back guarantee”. If you are not satisfied,
please describe your good reason and we will return money back without any problems,
but your Forex Spectre copy will become unusable.

Terms & Conditions

How to get such result as we did and at that get 2 extra copies of advisor?

In successful Forex trading a lot depends on broker you're choosing. To get absolutely the same result as we have you need to trade on the same broker. We work almost for 5 years with Forex4you broker and for all this time they didn't let us down not a single time. They provides their clients with qualitative and technological service.

We will give 2 extra copies of our advisor if you register in the Forex4you using our link. We are interested in it because broker charges dividends for every brought client. At that none of additional commissions or spreads are laying on you. The link:

In any case our advisor is ready to work on any broker and all possible broker's peculiarities are taken into account. But the profitability can depend on broker's technical conditions.